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Sleeping bags manufactured by Eksplo effectively improve the heat balance of the body by limiting emissions of heat on the outside by creating the best insulation. This has been achieved by using high quality materials, innovative design and especially superior goose down.

Specially designed for active and demanding travellers we have created a wide range of sleeping bags, enabling the selection of an appropriate one for travel - from summer hiking to high mountain expeditions and camping in extreme conditions

Temperature range

The specified temperature range for comfort means comfortable sleep in normal conditions. Normal conditions assume that the sleeping man is not very tired, has a good metabolism and circulation, sheltered from the wind and sleeps not directly on the ground. Temperature extremes is the limit temperature at which the outer bag protects from causing damage to the body's basic functions. It should however also take into account that different people react differently to the same temperature (eg someone gets cold faster than others) and choose the best temperature range for individual preferences.

Construction of chambers

To isolate temperature a good sleeping bag must be designed so the down is evenly spread in the chambers of the design to ensure a uniform distribution of down and its stability. The sleeping bags are made only of the chambers , there is no way that the heat can escape (not cold spots).


Depending on how warm the bag is supposed to be we use a different ‎design of the solution: H-chamber-construction,S- oblique chamber and T-trapezoid-chamber construction.

konstrukcje komor puchpwych s konstrukcje komor puchpwych pikowane Konstrukcja puchowa T

Pack sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are equipped with a compression bag to compress the volume of sleeping bags to allow up to 60%. Depending on the model we use three sizes of bags with dimensions (without compression):

- Small: roller debt. 30cm, dia. 22cm (for the light version)

- Moderate: roller debt. 35cm, dia. 25cm


- Large: roller debt. 40cm, dia. 27cm (XL models for some of the fabrics with higher weight)

worek kompresacyjnyworek kompresacyjny

The general scheme of sleeping bag

Schemat śpiwora

1. Hood - thanks to the string with stoppers the hood can be tightly contracted thus preventing heat loss.


2. Cloth interior - internal fabric used is gentle, soft and pleasant to the touch. Polyamide or polyester materials (such as ripstop nylon, polyamide "silk " Nylon "piumi ") with a high strength and density are used..

Tkanina wewnętrzna

3. Collar warming- all sleeping bag models are installed with down collar that has a rope warming stopper enabling sealing the sleeping bag.

warming flange

4. Tape on the zip - to trouble-free operation before inserting the lock securing the fabric in the teeth of the lock.

5. Insulating strip – the strip down the main zipper prevents from heat loss

6. Inside pocket - all models of sleeping bags have an inside zip pocket for documents and small items.


Kieszeń wewnętrzna


7. Zip – in the sleeping bags the main lock uses bidirectional distribution. It can be opened from the bottom to provide access of air. With a resolution of a sleeping bag may be connected to the second (located on the opposite side), creating a double sleeping bag (with the exception of model "Andy Biwak"). Sliders from internal and external pendant allow easy operation from inside the sleeping bag.

Zamek - spiwór

8. Anti-slip Tape - used on more expensive models attached to the underside of the sleeping bag.Prevents movement of the slopes.

Taśmy antypoślizgowe

9. The rate of sleeping bags - in the models "Andy Biwak Ekstremum" and "Himalaje Ekstremum " is an extra pocket attached that warms



10. Outer fabric - sleeping bags used in the operation of the external materials are polyamide-coated fabrics characterized by a high resistance to tearing, and resistance to water vapor permeability. Materials used: polyamide micro rip-stop, Microlight, Micro soft nylon Belgian, Italian or Norwegian production High density fabric prevents the release of down into the outside of chambers.


11. Cover for the tip of the lock - prevents damage to the sleeping bag through the hole and further isolates the space exposed to heat loss.


12. Hangers - allow for comfortable sleeping bag hanging in the airing or drying.


13. With velcro tab - prevents uncontrolled unzipping of a lock.


14. Down – the quality of down is what we attach special importance to, since it is mostly down that makes the sleeping bag such a great one. . It is the best in terms of relative weight to the possibility of isolation and a very small volume after compression. Down is in fact a mixture of pure down and tiny feathers, which strengthens its decompression. Given parameters of down, such as 90/10% tells you about the percentage ratio of pure down and feathers. Another and more precise parameter is cuin imaging volume occupied cubic inches of one ounce of down (so-called fill power). In the sleeping bags we use the highest quality goose down that has been technologicaly treated.



Certyfikat puch 850





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art. 705AA Śpiwór Pamir Standard System T dzielony M
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- 22 / - 38 1405 zł
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art. 705BB Śpiwór Pamir System T dzielony M
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art. 705C Sleeping bag Ekstremum Diament M
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art. 705CC Śpiwór Pamir Diament System T dzielony M
- 26 / - 42 1630 zł
1700 zł
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art. 706 Sleeping bag Kolderka L
- 16 / - 25 1175 zł
1245 zł
art. 708A Śpiworek do wózka dziecięcego ekstra System H 250 95/5%
-18 / -32 595 zł
art. 709A Sleeping bag Noga Slonia standard 650 90/10%
- 18 / - 35 1095 zł
art. 709B Sleeping bag Noga Slonia wariant 700 90/10%
- 18 / - 35 1170 zł

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