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Clothes, sleeping bags next to the Downy is puchowych specialty of our company. The experience gained since 1985 allows the continued refinement, the introduction of improvements, new technologies and increasingly refined materials. This resulted in the recognition of our jackets puchowych as one of the best in the Polish market. Checked by participants in many expeditions in the highest mountain in the world, gaining an ever wider public. In recent years, expanding the range of jackets and bezrękawników puchowych everyday.

Depending on the intended use different structures remaining chambers down in the article:

konstrukcje komor puchpwych s konstrukcje komor puchpwych h konstrukcje komor puchpwych pikowane

The warmest jackets (high performance), we use a structure S, or ventricles H. Chambers "quilted " enrich and often an additional layer of external or internal, which increases the thermal effects, and offers greater design possibilities.

We use to fill goose down washed and dedusting. The high-performance jackets is down class 95/05 - 750cuin, in the other 90/10 - 700cuin.

certyfikat jakości 700         certyfikat jakości 750


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art. 507A Spodnie puchowe light ekstra S-L
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980 zł
art. 508 Down trausers S-L
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995 zł

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